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SmartZone Premier: Feature Rich

SmartZone Premier Features Overview

SmartZone Premier provides the Zone administrator, user, and even finance team with the reports, data views, and Customs and Border Protection functionality and features it will need to compliantly and easily operate a distribution or manufacturing zone or subzone. The SmartZone Premier Intelligent Web Client (IWC) allows easy web deployment and access to its users while offering a quicker and more responsive interface than traditional thin clients.

A partial list of features is shown below:

  • Centralized deployment through the IWC platform


  • Advanced client functionality that results in allowing the user more functionality, a quicker response, and better handling of internet and bandwidth issues that may arise.  You can learn more about the IWC advantage by clicking here IWC Advantage


  • Easily Integrates with virtually any company software system such as SAP, Oracle Systems, Manhattan Associates, Microsoft ERP Systems, People Soft, QAD, etc.


  • Easy Integration with your freight forwarder, vessel operator, or carrier to automatically populate Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) data.


  • Prints all required reports and forms necessary to administrate a Foreign-Trade Zone, including:
    • Individual and Weekly Entry (CBPF 3461 and CBPF 7501)
    • Annual CBP Reconciliation Reports
    • FTZ Board Report
    • Quarterly Harbor Maintenance Fee Data Report
    • CBPF 7512 (in-bond documentation)
      • Also support QP/WP as listed below
    • A wide array of informative and easily customizable reports


  • Directly submits e-214 through SmartZone Premier ABI Module


  • Directly submit QP/WP (electronic in-bond transactions) through SmartZone Premier ABI Module


  • Easy integration with your Customhouse broker to simplify the entry process
    • Prebuilt Integration for many Brokers


  • Easily file your own entries through our CBP entry strategic partner


  • Contains ABI Module that provides updated data such as:
    • HTSUS updates
    • Foreign Port Codes
    • U.S. Port Codes
    • Country Codes
    • Currency Conversion Rates
    • MID Search and Verification
    • CBP messages (CSMS) Cargo Systems Messaging Service
    • Special Program and Free Trade Agreement Information
    • AD/CVD information
    • Participating Government Agency Flags such as FDA


  • Processes all receipts, adjustments, and shipments from the Zone in a manner that satisfies CBP and FTZ Board requirements


  • Advanced User Authentication available with synchronization with LDAP such as “Active Directory” offers the following benefits:
    • Allows the user to use his or her normal windows logon
    • Automatically logs in the user if they are on their assigned machine
    • Improves security by automatically enforcing your company’s password policy


  • Detailed Security Levels exist so that virtually all functionality and reporting capabilities may be limited to the application administrator’s specifications on a user by user basis, or by using a pre-defined template


  • Calendar and Alert reminder system that automatically updates to ensure the user does not miss CBP or FTZ Board deadlines or submission dates


  • Grid View—Advanced grid data view system allows even the “technically-challenged” to easily customize, view, organize, and even total (sum) virtually any data


  • Easily Customizable Reports. The user may customize a report by simply picking fields, or if they are technically savvy, an easy-to-use query system exists


  • Dashboard view lets the user know at a glance:
    • Easy to follow graphical navigation to guide the user
    • Status of Weekly Entry Estimate
    • Notifications and Alert reminders
    • Upcoming CBP due dates
    • Other notifications and information that keeps the FTZ administrator informed


  • Automatic bandwidth monitor that ensures no changes to performance regardless of changes in bandwidth




SmartZone Premier
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