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SmartZone Premier's Clients Achieve Better Compliance

Better Compliance Through Experience and Design

SmartZone Premier was engineered and developed to offer the most technologically advanced platform and interface available in any FTZ software solution. Considerable time and expense was spent in order to offer the best user experience and ease of administration available. However, this technology and engineering was also chosen so that its unique benefits could be combined with the FTZ Corporation’s hands-on experience operating Foreign-Trade Zones and Subzones, along with its considerable consulting experience. The goal and the end result was to provide a software solution that offers better compliance at a lower implemented cost, while requiring less ongoing FTZ administration time and labor.

The FTZ Corporation’s senior consultants worked with the SmartZone Premier development team to ensure that all processing and functionality was regulatory compliant and that the software user interface guides the user in such a manner that maintaining compliance is painless. In addition SmartZone Premier offers tools such as easily customizable views, grids, reporting, and calendar reminders that notify and alert the user of its pending CBP compliance reporting and submission dates. The end result is a Foreign-Trade Zone software solution designed by true FTZ regulatory experts that lead the user through FTZ processes and practically compels FTZ inventory compliance while maximizing FTZ savings.



SmartZone Premier
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